When work commitments allow, I run a course called ‘Shooting for the Edit’ through DV Talent. I developed the course at the start of 2013 when, in my role as a Series Director, I found myself increasingly frustrated by problematic rushes being shot by junior members of the team. Cameras are now so easy to use that people are being sent out to shoot without having the depth of knowledge needed to deliver high quality material that gives the edit the options needed to get the best out of a story.

Before I filmed my first shots for broadcast, I had sat in many edit suites and had shadowed crews and directors for seven years. These days those opportunities don’t exist, and I wanted to do something about it.


This is a one day course, ideal for researchers, assistant producers and DV directors looking to develop and hone their directing skills and ensure a smooth ride for the edit.


The aim is to provide a solid understanding of the requirements of an edit, and methods that ensure you deliver them. By sharing tips and techniques that I’ve learned and developed throughout my career, the course seeks to remove the panic and uncertainty around where to point the camera and when to change the shot. We work through all the key elements that can make up sequences, from filming conversations and action (both controllable and spontaneous) to delivering engaging footage for commentary. It’s an intense day, but by the end of it you’ll have reliable guidelines for success and – hopefully – a lot more confidence.


Anyone looking to learn more about successful shooting for the edit. The course currently uses the Canon XF305 and Sony PMW200 cameras. Although knowledge of one of these cameras is an advantage, this is a course concerned with editorial issues not technical know-how. White balance, exposure, audio levels and even focus can often – to a greater or lesser degree – be tweaked favourably in post production. Poor content and failure to deliver the right shots can not be. That’s where our emphasis lies.


“Really helped the confidence” – Matthew, Shooting AP

“I learned everything I hoped to” – Alana, AP

“Well structured and clearly delivered… Nic was an excellent teacher – very encouraging, experienced and brilliant at communicating” – Sue, AP

“Very helpful, interesting and a good amount of practical tasks” – Alex, Producer

“The most useful course I have ever done” – Rachel, Shooting AP

For more information contact me or get in touch with DV Talent on 0207 2672300 or info@dvtalent.co.uk


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