Passionate factual programme-maker with strong editorial instincts, humour, integrity and leadership skills. I have an excellent track record across all genres and tones (formats to ob docs, populist to emotive) and in creating peak-time projects for all major UK networks. My work often revolves around subjects, contributors and talent that require sensitivity. And I pride myself on creating television that looks good and gets noticed.

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Rich Kids of Instagram
6 x 60mins, Popkorn TV for E4 at 9pm (TX: July/ August 2016)
A bold, brash and voyeuristic journey into the world of the young, super-wealthy and uber-vain who indulge their every whim and show it all off for the delight of their social media followers. A truly international series – compelling, loathsome, and enormous fun.


ON: A series of celebrity authored documentaries
3 x 60mins, Cactus TV for the launch of UKTV’s ‘W’ Network at 9pm (TX: Feb 2016)
Scripted and managed three flagship documentaries for a major network launch. Each film explores the impact of social media: Sophie Ellis-Bextor on Fame; Sara Cox on Friendship; Grace Dent on Romance.

Through a Child’s Eyes
2 x 60mins, Spun Gold TV for Five (TX: Jul/Nov 2014, 10pm) BAFTA short-listed, Single Documentary
Powerful films, commissioned as ‘reputation changers’ for the channel. Focusing on parental sickness and poverty, these challenging stories are told entirely from the perspective of a child. Self-shot on PWM200.

What Happens in Sunny Beach
3 x 60mins, Dragonfly TV for Channel 4 (TX: Jan 2014, 10pm)
Following the drink-fuelled antics of young Brits in the Bulgarian resort of Sunny Beach. I led a team of 20 on location for five weeks, delivering engaging and humorous stories with strong characterisation.

Ronnie Corbett’s Comedy Britain
2 x 60mins, ITV Studios for ITV (TX: Aug 2011, 9pm)
Ronnie Corbett takes a humorous journey through British comedy, looking back over his extraordinary career and comparing notes with a Who’s Who of British comedy greats.


Double Your House For Half The Money
6 x 60mins, Red House TV for Channel 4 (TX: Sept 2012, 8pm)
Sarah Beeny’s on a mission to prove that it’s possible to turn your home into the house of your dreams, without breaking the bank.

Michael Winner’s Dining Stars
4 x 60mins, 12 Yard Productions for ITV1 (TX: Feb/ Mar 2010, 9pm)
The nation’s most outrageous food critic sinks his teeth into the cooking of amateurs. The result? What critics called a “hilarious” show that “must be seen to be believed”.

River Cottage Autumn/ River Cottage at Christmas
4 x 60mins/ 1 x 60mins, KEO Films for Channel 4 (TX: Oct/ Nov/ Dec 2008, 8pm)
From beetroot ice cream to squirrel stew, and sprout makeovers to venison roly polys, this humorous and sumptuous celebration of seasonal food was the top rated show across Channel 4, Five, and BBC2. Self-shot.


The People’s Medal
1 x 60mins, Wall to Wall TV for ITV1 (TX: Aug 2013, 9pm)
For the first time ever cameras have been placed at the heart of the Queen’s New Year’s Honours. Natasha Kaplinsky takes us behind the scenes of this secretive world and meets the inspiring local heroes who will receive the British Empire Medal – before any of them know they’re in line for Royal recognition.

Perspectives: Paul O’Grady on Gypsy Rose Lee
1 x 60mins, Olga TV for ITV1 (TX: April 2013, 10pm)
Paul O’Grady explores his lifelong passion for the musical ‘Gypsy’ and the woman who inspired it, Gypsy Rose Lee – the Queen of Burlesque. An arts documentary with brain and wit. Self-shot.

Bulk Buy Britain
1 x 60mins, Storyvault Films for Channel 4 (TX: Sept 2012, 9pm)
Documentary following businessman Justin Preston as he tries to launch an ambitious project in Bolton – bringing the community together to save money through the power of bulk buying. Self-shot.

My Skin is Killing Me
1 x 60mins, Darlow Smithson Productions for Discovery TLC (TX: Dec 2010, 8pm)
Documentary following the inspirational and emotional stories of two boys with rare skin diseases as they undergo pioneering treatment. Self-shot in China and the US.

Kick Out the Kids
1 x 45mins, BBC for BBC1 (TX: May 2009, 10.40pm)
Witty observational film following two young homebirds as they move in with no-nonsense octogenarians to learn how to fend for themselves. Self-shot.

The Sex Chamber
1 x 60mins, Gecko Productions for Five (TX: Nov 2008, 10pm)
A dark and emotive, access-led documentary telling the extraordinary story of David Parker Ray, a sexual serial killer who evaded the authorities for 40 years. Filmed entirely in the US. Self-shot. A ‘highlight’ of MIPCOM 2008.

Wife Swap
1 x 60mins, RDF Media for Channel 4 (TX: Feb 2008, 8.15pm)
Series launch show – “the most extreme swap ever”. Filmed entirely in Spain. A millionaire shopaholic Marbella mum trades places with an anti-consumerist eco-warrior who lives on a budget of £150 a year. You can guess the rest…

Arrange Me a Marriage
1 x 60mins, betty for BBC2 (TX: Dec 2007, 8pm)
Having failed to find long-term love, single 40-somethings enlist the help of happily married Glasw-asian, Aneela Rahman. Can the principles of modern arranged marriage help them to find the man or woman of their dreams? Self-shot.

Did they Pay off their Mortgage?
1 x 60mins, BBC Birmingham for BBC2 (TX: Jan/ Feb 2007, 9pm)
The final year of an ambitious project following the fortunes of diverse households as they try to pay off their entire mortgage in just two years. Self-shot.

The Trouble with Celebrity
1 x 60mins, North One Television for Five (TX: Oct 2006, 10pm)
Today’s celebs can’t even nip to the shops without being mobbed. Usually it’s harmless fun, but sometimes people cross the line. With tongue firmly in cheek, this programme asks just how safe celebrities are in a world which is fascinated by their every move…

My Childhood
2 x 60mins, Endemol for BBC3 (TX: Jan/ Feb 2006, 10pm) BAFTA Scotland, Best Factual Series 2006
Innovative psychological biography series. Well-known names revisit their childhoods to unravel the factors that have shaped them into who they are today. PD of two shows: Janet Street-Porter and Jenny Éclair.

Pay off your Mortgage in 2 Years
2 x 60mins, BBC Birmingham for BBC2 (TX: Jan/ Feb 2006, 8pm)
Year one of a bold experiment in which people from across the UK try to pay off their mortgage in super-fast time. Directed on two shows, and was series-wide DSR shooter.

Teen Commandments
2 x 30mins, BBC for BBC1 Scotland (TX: Nov 2004, 7pm)
Fast-moving shows exploring the concepts of “Family” and “Money” from the perspective of today’s teenagers. Self-shot observational pieces and presenter-led packages.

Lab Rats
2 x 30mins, BBC for BBC3 (TX: Apr 2004, 11.30pm)
Edgy science shows looking at male fertility (featuring surely the world’s first ever televised sperm race!), and the body’s tolerance to extreme g-force.


DV Talent’s Fast Track Course for Series Producers
Chair of Directors UK’s Factual Television Committee
Originator and tutor of DV Talent’s successful ‘Shooting for the Edit’ course
Edit produced 2008’s BAFTA nominated Celebrity Masterchef
First Class degree in Philosophy and Politics from the University of York

References available on request


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